MeetBrief delivers Marketing and Sales insights — health scores, action-items, and discussion points — for your next meeting.

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Timely, Pertinent Data Improves Meetings

MeetBrief integrates with your calendar to deliver key insights right before the meeting begins, so that you (or your whole team) are briefed with a snapshot of your digital health, and items requiring conversation or action, in advance.

MeetBrief delivers actionable insights to you and your team minutes before the meeting.

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Research without the Search

It’s easy to do — simply add @meetbrief to a meeting invite, and your insights will be proactively delivered right to your inbox.

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Metrics that Actually Matter

Scores and insights are customizable, allowing you to rank the metrics that matter to you.

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Big Data, Brief Insights

MeetBrief connects with an ever-expanding range of data sources to compile key performance scores: interest, demand, and engagement.

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