Six questions to ask before you schedule that meeting

Meetings are the worst, am I right?

And open slots in our schedules become increasingly rare by the day. But the first step toward freeing up your own schedule is leading by example. Take the lead and quit scheduling meetings that don’t fit the below parameters.

Encourage your team to schedule fewer meetings, invite fewer people, and stick to video conferencing by default.

Before you schedule your next meeting, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have clearly defined goals for the meeting? (If not, come up with a plan before you schedule time with others.)
  2. Is this conversation necessary to progress work forward? In other words, does it need to happen in real-time? (If not, keep working until the next check-in.)
  3. To meet your goals, does there need to be a back-and-forth exchange? Are you making a decision, sharing information, or brainstorming? (If not, maybe you just really need some questions answered.)
  4. Must it be a verbal conversation? (If not, try email.)
  5. Does it require being face-to-face? (if not, try a quick conference call.)
  6. Will there be sandwiches?

If you’ve answered “yes” to all of the above, then sure, schedule that meeting.

(But you should probably get MeetBrief first.)


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