After a decade of consulting agency clients on how best to use their marketing and sales data, MeetBrief was developed from the idea that data without action is worthless. We searched for a solution to bring together numerous sources of marketing and sales data into one place, and when we couldn’t find one that didn’t require a PhD in data science to comprehend, we got to work building MeetBrief.

Neil Callanan

Neil Callanan


Neil Callanan is the Founder and CEO of MeetBrief. In addition to founding MeetBrief, Neil founded and runs LooseGrip, a digital marketing agency. Neil is passionate about data, but not in the spreadsheets and python kind of way. He gets most excited when data is used to drive insight-based decisions rather than defaulting to the highest-paid-person’s-opinion.

Before LooseGrip, Neil also co-founded some very mediocre startups. (DeGeeked, COR HQ)

Neil lives in the Finger Lakes in Upstate NY, and is a graduate of the University of Florida and would be happy to tell you about all the virtues of either.

Favorite Metric: revenue per visit
Favorite Sandwich: Italian (soft roll)

Marty Stake

Marty Stake


Marty leads all things technical at MeetBrief, uniquely mixing tactical strategy with development – while turning big (and small) ideas into reality. While “full-stack” developer gets thrown around a lot these days, He prefers “most-stack”, and is as full-stack-ready as they come. He’s known for building things that get asked for before they are asked for.

Along the way, Marty was alongside Neil in helping co-found those startups, DeGeeked and FitFeud (COR HQ), and has been working with LooseGrip for over a decade (man, Breaking Bad hadn’t even aired yet).

Marty resides in Rockville, Maryland, a short Metro ride from Washington, D.C., and is a Duke from James Madison University (no, not that other Duke) – although you wouldn’t know it with how much he loves his Terps.

Favorite Metric: one that is calculated from not just one metric
Favorite Club: PW (47deg) from 123 yards out

Rachel Landen

Rachel Landen


Rachel is the Business Integration and Development lead for MeetBrief, which covers everything from creating KPI workshops, evangelizing at conferences, and conducting discovery calls and demos.

Rachel is an alumna of East Carolina University, with a side of UNC-CH and Northwestern. Prior to landing on team MeetBrief, Rachel had stints at Modern Healthcare and the Medill School of Journalism. Rachel lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she is a local expert on vintage t-shirts, dog apparel, alt-country, and oat milk lattes.

Favorite Metric: cost per click
Favorite Snack: not a doughnut

Sarah Brazill

Sarah Brazill


Sarah leads Creative and Content for MeetBrief. That means everything from phrasing structure and insights, to user experience, to the (often absurd) ads you may see floating around social platforms. She likes thoughtful design, well-written copy, careful kerning, and the Oxford comma. She dislikes writing bios.

Sarah is both a Hawk and a Hoya (Saint Joseph’s University / Georgetown University). She lives in a barn just outside of Philadelphia, but she will not leave the door open when she visits your house even though she has a perfectly valid excuse.

Favorite Metric: conversion rate
Favorite Podcast: Reply All

Nick Rakic

Nick Rakic


Nick looks after the MeetBrief as a product, helping the team to brainstorm, research, test, prioritize, develop, and deliver the best possible experience for MeetBrief users. He enjoys optimizing complex systems, discovering loopholes, conjuring solutions, eating cheese, and advocating the use of the metric system.

Before joining MeetBrief, Nick made a lot of video games, apps, websites, and even some robots. Nick lives online, but he comes from Europe – which explains a lot about his love for cats and complete lack of interest and understanding for US college sports.

Favorite Metric: kilogram per metre times second squared
Favorite Imperial: pint




Want to join our team? Right now, we’re looking to add a kickass Business Development Manager and an experienced Product Manager to Team MeetBrief.