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Amplifying your presence at any event with social media: a three-step guide | during

It might sound extreme, but if you aren’t using social media to drive awareness and attendance, the other efforts you’re making are far less effective than they could be. [Read: you’re wasting resources and money.] Now that we’ve got your attention, we’ve got you covered with our three-part checklist, which tells you exactly what to do and what to consider before, during and after an event.

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Q: Who should use a quiz for content marketing?

A. You. B. Your competitors. C. Your clients. D. All of the above! Online quizzes are popular for a reason. They’re a great way to turn otherwise static content into an interactive experience. They increase on-page engagement. They increase the chance that visitors will share your content. When creating a quiz, tie it to your … Continue reading Q: Who should use a quiz for content marketing?