LooseGrip’s guide to brand channels (what to post and where to post it)

Since LooseGrip started, we’ve seen a multitude of social media platforms launch and expand and merge — and even some fizzle and disappear (#RIPvine). Over time, a few have been established as integral marketing channels — so it’s important to know what content works best on each one. Without further ado, here’s LooseGrip’s guide to brand channels.

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The Why and How of a Creative Brief

We spend a lot of time in the weeds. That’s one of the things about working on such a small team. Each person knows with excruciating detail the ins and outs of our product and process. Which isn’t always a bad thing — until it is.

Until we have to take a step back to figure out our next move for lead-gen, but can’t stop focusing on the specs of the admin onboarding UX. Until we have to determine whether the targeting for that marketing campaign was right, but keep coming up with use cases for every audience. Until we have to give a 15-minute pitch to a potential new client…

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Six questions to ask before you schedule that meeting

Meetings are the worst, am I right? And open slots in our schedules become increasingly rare by the day. But the first step toward freeing up your own schedule is leading by example. Take the lead and quit scheduling meetings that don’t fit the below parameters.

Encourage your team to schedule fewer meetings, invite fewer people, and stick to video conferencing by default…

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